Our First Get-Together

We had a great weekend. On Saturday we drove up to Dallas for the DFW Ethiopia adoption group get-together. We finally met the Meyers face to face. Gabre and Gabi loved each other. It was really great to meet them after all we have been through together. Our adoptions were on the exact same timeline and we helped each other through all the ups and downs.
We also got to meet the Boyds. Amber and I have become good blog buddies. They are such gracious people. They even offered to let us stay at their home and we took them up on their offer. They welcomed us like old friends, I hope to see ourselves as old friends one day. They are really wonderful people and I cannot wait to rejoice with them when they get their referral. They are going to make one baby girl very lucky to have them as her parents.
We also met many other families in all stages of the adoption process. We plan to go to many more monthly get-togethers.

Here are a few pictures from our fun weekend.


Fave Foto Friday

Next week we should have some fun pictures because Saturday we are going to the Dallas/Fort Worth Ethiopia adoption group get-together. I am so excited to meet all the other families. I know a few families through the "Blog World" and one family who also used IAN to bring home their beautiful baby girl. We signed with IAN at the same time and our Dossiers went to Ethiopia together. We have talked on the phone more times than I can count and we have never met. Another blog friend, Amber Boyd, is opening her home to us for the night. The adoption world is like no other. We are there for each other through the great moments and the hard ones. I highly recommend it!
I took this idea about favorite photos of the week from other blogs.

Here are the first FAVE FOTO FRIDAY pics!



It is hard to believe Gabre is already 9 months. She has changed so much since we picked her up. Here are all the things Gabre can do at 9 months.

*She can stand while holding on to something. She loves to stand.
I think she will skip crawling and go straight to walking.
*She can sit with no support. She has been sitting since about the second week home.
*She can clap when you ask her to clap.
*She loves to have her picture taken.
*She, for now, favors her Mama.
*She sleeps through the night, she has done this since her first week home.
*She is starting to feed herself little snack puffs.
*She has decided her doggies are fun.
*She loves to use her outside voice inside.
*She still loves to shop.
*She is as adorable and sweet as ever.


Happy Fathers Day!


New Baby + New Job = New Life

I have a new job. My new job description; answer questions about Ethiopia adoption, guide families through the wonderful world of the "paper chase", cry with families when they receive their referral, rejoice with those same families when they pass court, and celebrate when they return home.
Well the job is a little more complicated then that. I am the new Texas Ethiopia Adoption Consultant for International Adoption Net (IAN). This is the agency we used to bring Gabre home. I have been obsessed with international adoption for over a year. I have spend countless hours researching about any and every country. Finally I had a revelation, "I should work for an adoption agency".

Now about the new baby. Gabre is doing amazing. She is in the 50% for height and head, but only 5% for weight. Although she is at least 1 lb. heavier than her last weigh in only 2 weeks ago. She is growing fast.
Developmentally she in also on track for 8 months. This girl can talk. Sometimes she lets out this adorable scream of excitement. I am trying to get her laugh on video because it is the cutest laugh you have ever heard. She can stand with help, a lot of help. I will leave you with a few picture.