Count down!

I cannot believe we leave in 2 days. I don't think it will really hit us until we are in Ethiopia just hours away from meeting her. We are both excited and overwhelmed with thoughts of our future as a family. Although, we have always felt like a family with our dogs. This is uncharted territory for us. Give us a puppy and we have no fears. Give us a baby and we all may end up crying.
I must go, I have sooooooo much to do!

Our Travel Itinerary

We leave May 3rd. Our journey starts in Austin. We then fly to Chicago where we meet up with my parents, who are travel to Ethiopia with us. At 5:30p we leave for London. We have a 12 hour lay-over in London. We will wash up and explore London for the day. At 9p we depart London for Ethiopia, arriving at 8:25a Monday. We will shuttle to the Hilton check-in and change our cloths into our GOTCHA T-shirts. Then we will go to the Orphanage and meet our little Gabre. This will be quite an emotional day.It will have been such a long journey to get her and to get to her.


New Pictures!

My friend,Sharon, just got home from picking up her baby Gabriella. She went to Hope for the abandoned and saw Gabre. She said Gabre is very happy and healthy. We were so excited to see more pictures of her and she has grown. We think she is the cutest baby we have ever seen. We love you Gabre!


Bark Park Fun!

Today we took a trip to the dog park. Orea played ball, Barney followed us like a scared little pup and Lexi rolled around in the grass.
We all love to go to the dog park, sometimes I think the people have more fun. We took pictures and video, like proud parents. The best part of going to the dog park is when we come home they are pooped. They are quiet and calm. This is what it means to be a dog and be fulfilled.


The List!

Since we passed court a list has been created. We have so much to get done. We have had 2 years to prepare for bringing our daughter home. You would think the list would be short.......but it is much longer than the one above. When I get one thing done 10 need to be added. Will the list ever be at o?
I think the list will keep growing and after she is home we will just throw the list away. We want to enjoy our first months with her and not worry about things we didn't get done and new things we need to do. That is the plan anyway.


She is officially our Daughter!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so happy the stress of court is over. We are hoping to travel late April or early May. Soon we should receive her new birth certificate with the name Banchigeze Scott Reeves. As I wrote in an earlier post we are renaming her Gabre Mira Reeves. Gabre is Amharic and pronounced [Gau bray]. The pictures below are the most recent from mid January and her referral picture.

Introducing.............Gabre Mira Reeves


Today is the Day

Today is the day we should find out if we passed court. Since this is our third court day you would think the wait would be easier. Instead we are more nervous, unsure and just plain scared. I think we will find out late in the day. This has been the case for the past two court days.
This is definitely the hardest part of adoption. You become so attached to pictures and in our case also a video. As adoptive parents with referrals we feel like they are our children, but the truth is they are not. It is a strange feeling being between two worlds.


One More....

Two beautiful adoption Videos.(you need sound for these videos)


I may have a Problem.......

Here is a picture of Gabre's closet. These are just for this summer (6-12 months).
I guess this is what happens when an adoption takes 2 years. I started buying clothes for our baby from China and just kept buying for two years. Our Ethiopian baby will be well dressed.

A few summer shoes..........

I love this stroller. It is by Valco and it is "the Buggster".

Happy Thoughts

I know of two families who have court today. Well had court last night because Ethiopia is 8 hours ahead. The Rodda family(Roddapalooza, IAN family) and Karen and Patrick(our family expansion). I am sending happy thoughts to them.

There is no way to prepare for your court day. You are a bundle of nerves. Most adoptions in Ethiopia go through on the first court date. Although we are not alone with our multiple court dates. I was ready for the first delay and new court date. The second delay hurt........