Our Fist Christmas

Our Christmas started with Scott dressing up like Santa, this was a surprise for me as well. I think he scared me and the dogs more than Gabre. She will let almost anyone hold her and Santa was no different.
After Scott removed the Santa costume, and the dogs finally calmed down, Gabre and the dogs opened gifts. Just as we thought, Gabre opened her gifts and was on her way to other things.

After Presents

After presents we went to the Barton Creek Spa and Resort for a breakfast buffet. Gabre loved the gingerbread pancakes. We took lost of picture, about 60, and just a few turned out. Gabre was not in the mood for family pictures. I would say her favorite part of Christmas was walking back and forth in this huge hallway at the hotel, as you can see from the Big smile on her face in the first picture. Overall Gabre had a Wonderful 1st Christmas with her Mommy and Daddy!


Merry Christmas!


Ethiopia Girl!

Merry Christmas Eve! We had planned to stay at a nice resort tonight for Gabre's 1st Christmas, but we have dogs and no sitter with short notice.
We plan to go for a big breakfast buffet at a very nice resort tomorrow for Christmas morning. When we finish Gabre and the dogs will open presents.
The Ethiopian dress Gabre has on in this picture was given to her by her BFF Lidya, who was at Hope for the Abandoned with Gabre. It came from a great organization called, Ethiopian Orphan Relief. If you have not checked it out you should here


Baby Gap!

This is one of Gabre's Christmas pictures. Doesn't she looks like an add for Baby Gap?
We are staying home for Christmas. We think she is going to enjoy opening gifts, although she will like the bows and paper better than the gifts this year.
Gabre is finally walking, but still goes back to crawling when she wants to get somewhere fast. She loves to go go go.