Good Camera!

I have been a very bad blogger!!! Here are a few pictures from a good Camera taken about a month ago by my friend, Amber, when Gabre was visiting family in Illinois. More to come soon!

Gabre and Grant(Amber's Son)

Gabre and Daddy


Rwanda Adoption!

Rwanda is most likely where our second child will be from! We started looking into the Rwanda adoption process a few months ago. The best thing that we have learned is that Rwanda prefers to work with families directly. This means we would be doing a private adoption, with the help of other families who have adopted before us.
In many ways we would love to adopt from Ethiopia again, but the more we learn about Rwanda the more drawn we are to this beautiful country and the people. More to come............
pictures of children at Home of Hope, Kigali Rwanda

Our dossier has been registered in China for almost 30 months and we have passed our 3 year mark since we signed with our China adoption agency. It appears we have 2-4 years of waiting left. At this point our China adoption does not feel real any longer. We will not pull our dossier from China, but it does not seem possible that we will have a daughter from China. Some days this makes me very sad, sad for the children in China who remain in orphanages. Will I ever be able to let go completely? No.


One Year ago Today.........

Banchigize Gabre was placed in our arms and life forever~


Pictures Pictures!!!!

~Easter Pictures~

~Ethiopian Birthday Party~

~Ethiopia Babies Get Together in Dallas~

Amber and Ayana Boyd......here is her blog!

~Just cute pictures~


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An Army of Thousands

We have been home from Ethiopia for almost 10 months and I am still unable to completely digest what that experience taught me. People say a baby changes everything and they are right, but what if your baby comes from a part of the world that feels forgotten. This will also change everything. I look at my daughter's face and realize she could have been one of the forgotten. Now I understand the huge efforts of the many Charities working in all parts of Africa, yet the suffering continues. I tell people about what I saw and about what I have since learned through books and research, but it doesn't seem to impact them in the same way it has me. Is this because I have an invisible and forever tie to Africa through my daughter? Maybe so.
I am unsure how to process all of this, what do I do next? how can I help? how can I be a good example to my daughter that we cannot sit back and let this continue?
Why is it that mothers in Ethiopia are dying after child birth because of lack of food and water. Yes, we can adopt these now motherless children, but the problem will just persist. I have to believe there is another way!
I have to believe that we ALL, all of us families adopting from Africa, are adopting for a bigger reason. I know the saying, "I may not be able to change the world, but I can change the world for one child", but why can't we also try and change the world? We are now An Army of Thousands, thousands of families who have or are adopting from Africa. One may not be able to change the world, but what about THOUSANDS????????



Thanks everyone who gave their thoughts on the, "name thing". We have decided to keep her birth name Banchigize. Someone commented that her name was all her birth mother could give her and that is how we feel. If her birth mother gave her the name Banchigize, we should give it the honor it deserves.
Nothing too exciting going on here. We have been going to lots of play groups, the library for music class and of course still working with my IAN families.
Gabre is getting some molars and we had one rough week of sleeping issues and just plain bad mood issues. It only lasted one week and then we seem to have turned a corner. What we are still dealing with is lots of hitting. Gabre will hit us, the dogs, my computer and even herself, whatever is closest. We started time out and she has no problem serving her time. If Scott or I tell her she needs to go to time out, she just walks herself to the dinning room corner and sits down. It is really funny!
As good as she is about going to time out it has not helped with the hitting. As soon as Gabre hears the word NO the hands start going, not hard but still not good. I guess this is the terrible 16 months????

Here are a few more cute picture from the last few weeks.


It's all in the NAME

Well, recently Scott and I have been feeling bad about changing Gabre's name. Her birth mother gave her the name Banchigize. At first we could not even say her name and felt this was not the best name for a child in the US school system. We didn't think twice about changing it to Gabre because Gabre is an Ethiopian name. The caretakers at her orphanage called her Bunchin. I primarily call her Bunchin and so does Scott.
This weekend we had a talk about keeping her name Banchigize because it was the name given to her at birth, plus we now find it to be a really beautiful name. We are thinking about naming her Banchigize Gabre Mira Reeves. We would still call her Gabre as a child and then she can decide as a young adult what name she wants to go by. I have never been a person who really likes the 3+ name thing, but what are you going to do.
Has anyone else struggled with this????


what Ethiopia Taught me.......

*These are the IMAGES that come to mind when I think of AFRICA
*HOW can I Help?
*HOW can I make a DIFFERENCE
*I THINK....... I am NEEDED HERE....
*They have so little....AND I have so MUCH
*often there is a LEVEL of SUFFERING here that is UNIMAGINABLE
*But it is hard to reconcile the CHALLENGES many Africans FACE
*with the JOY I see in The People
*but the IMAGES spilling out of my T.V. showed ONLY MISERY and I was FOOLED
*in Places where Despair SHOULD thrive....I found adults DANCING and SINGING
CHILDREN playing soccer with a ball TIED of TRASH
*my NEW REALITY....my JOY should have NO regards for my CIRCUMSTANCES

I want what I have learned to trickle down from my head to my HEART

I NO longer want to NEED the "NEXT THING" to have JOY


Because it is Africa that has TAUGHT me that POSSESSIONS in my Hands.....
will NEVER be as VALUABLE as PEACE in my HEART

for ME......


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Happy 2009!

Well, new year another adoption.....just a joke. We are hoping to start another adoption from Ethiopia in this new year. The when is still unknown. What we do know is that we love our baby girl from Ethiopia and would love another. I know this year will bring lots of fun times as Gabre grows. She will get more teeth, learn to talk, start to run, loose the bottle, have her 2nd birthday and much much more. We are so looking forward to 2009!


Our Fist Christmas

Our Christmas started with Scott dressing up like Santa, this was a surprise for me as well. I think he scared me and the dogs more than Gabre. She will let almost anyone hold her and Santa was no different.
After Scott removed the Santa costume, and the dogs finally calmed down, Gabre and the dogs opened gifts. Just as we thought, Gabre opened her gifts and was on her way to other things.

After Presents

After presents we went to the Barton Creek Spa and Resort for a breakfast buffet. Gabre loved the gingerbread pancakes. We took lost of picture, about 60, and just a few turned out. Gabre was not in the mood for family pictures. I would say her favorite part of Christmas was walking back and forth in this huge hallway at the hotel, as you can see from the Big smile on her face in the first picture. Overall Gabre had a Wonderful 1st Christmas with her Mommy and Daddy!


Merry Christmas!