Rwanda Adoption!

Rwanda is most likely where our second child will be from! We started looking into the Rwanda adoption process a few months ago. The best thing that we have learned is that Rwanda prefers to work with families directly. This means we would be doing a private adoption, with the help of other families who have adopted before us.
In many ways we would love to adopt from Ethiopia again, but the more we learn about Rwanda the more drawn we are to this beautiful country and the people. More to come............
pictures of children at Home of Hope, Kigali Rwanda

Our dossier has been registered in China for almost 30 months and we have passed our 3 year mark since we signed with our China adoption agency. It appears we have 2-4 years of waiting left. At this point our China adoption does not feel real any longer. We will not pull our dossier from China, but it does not seem possible that we will have a daughter from China. Some days this makes me very sad, sad for the children in China who remain in orphanages. Will I ever be able to let go completely? No.


One Year ago Today.........

Banchigize Gabre was placed in our arms and life forever~


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