Lots of Firsts

First time in a shopping cart

First time meeting my friend's daughter Grace.

First visit to the doctor.

First time eating baby food. This girl will eat anything.

First time realizing Hot Pink is her color.

First kiss from her sister Orea.

First time at the Dog Park

First bath in her very own bath tub.

First time getting ready to go shopping with Papa alone. Of course they went to the sporting good store. She will go shopping with anyone anywhere.

First time going on a run with Papa. She wasn't even breathing heavy when they finished.

First time in our pool. She loves the pool. We knew we bought a house with a pool for a reason.

Please NO more pictures......

First time at Babies 'R' Us.

First time in her exersaucer. She will stay in it for about 10 minutes and then she becomes bored.


Photo Shoot

We are all doing great. Our time in Addis was life changing in so many ways. I plan to take a few hours this weekend to post about our wonderful trip.
Gabre's Noni was visiting this week, so we went to the mall to get some pictures taken. She was so cute in all her pictures it was hard to decide what to buy. I had to scan the pictures to post them and they didn't turn out great.


We are home!

We are home and have been sick. All three of us have been sick. We had an amazing time in Addis. I have little time to post these days. I am going to post a few pictures and write about our trip another day.


Almost on our Way