New Baby + New Job = New Life

I have a new job. My new job description; answer questions about Ethiopia adoption, guide families through the wonderful world of the "paper chase", cry with families when they receive their referral, rejoice with those same families when they pass court, and celebrate when they return home.
Well the job is a little more complicated then that. I am the new Texas Ethiopia Adoption Consultant for International Adoption Net (IAN). This is the agency we used to bring Gabre home. I have been obsessed with international adoption for over a year. I have spend countless hours researching about any and every country. Finally I had a revelation, "I should work for an adoption agency".

Now about the new baby. Gabre is doing amazing. She is in the 50% for height and head, but only 5% for weight. Although she is at least 1 lb. heavier than her last weigh in only 2 weeks ago. She is growing fast.
Developmentally she in also on track for 8 months. This girl can talk. Sometimes she lets out this adorable scream of excitement. I am trying to get her laugh on video because it is the cutest laugh you have ever heard. She can stand with help, a lot of help. I will leave you with a few picture.


Amber said...

Congrats on the new job, I'm sure you will love it. It sounds very rewarding. How many hours will you have to work?
Great pictures. Gabre is so beautiful!

SELLY said...

Aww...Gabre is adorable. Such a doll =)

A Team said...

Cool job!
I feel like I do the same thing and I don't get paid - HAHA

Your girl is PRECIOUS!

My boy turned 7 months old just last weekend.

I can't get over it! He is growing so fast

Lori said...

Your baby is adorable and I want to steal your doggie!!! OMG is he/she the cutest thing EVER! He/she looks so surprised, did he/she have a face lift or his eyes done??? :)

Liesl said...

First of all, you have my DREAM JOB! Congratulations! And also, of course your little girl is adorable, but I also really love that shopping cart cover. Where did you get it?

Craig & Cindy said...

She is some serious cuteness and beauty all wrapped up into one!


Susy Q said...


Sherri said...

What a precious and beautiful little baby girl you have there. She's just adorable.

Norah said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! Congrats! I posted to you on a Yahoo group for GW Family(China).

Thom & Lesley said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog - we are adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia and we are also using a smaller agency for our placement. We actually had a "different" type of referral process also. we hope to travel this fall to get our baby boy!

Love all your pics!


Hi! I'm Laura & this is my blog. said...

i just found you blog and i too am obsessed with international adoption and wondering how i can work in the field without an MSW. i was wondering if you have an MSW. i'm adding you to my blogroll if you don't mind, as i too am adopting from ethiopia.

Single PAP said...

i just found your blog (when reading up on re-union '09) and love seeing the pics of your beautiful daughter. i know this post is really old, but i was wondering if your job with your agency required an MSW. i would love to work at in adoption as well but am not aware of positions that don't require an MSW... just wondering. if you get a chance, maybe you can respond on my blog.