It is hard to believe Gabre is already 9 months. She has changed so much since we picked her up. Here are all the things Gabre can do at 9 months.

*She can stand while holding on to something. She loves to stand.
I think she will skip crawling and go straight to walking.
*She can sit with no support. She has been sitting since about the second week home.
*She can clap when you ask her to clap.
*She loves to have her picture taken.
*She, for now, favors her Mama.
*She sleeps through the night, she has done this since her first week home.
*She is starting to feed herself little snack puffs.
*She has decided her doggies are fun.
*She loves to use her outside voice inside.
*She still loves to shop.
*She is as adorable and sweet as ever.


Chantelle Becking said...

Hi Leah
Your daughter is beautiful!!!I found your blog linked to another Ethiopia Adoption blog that I love to read. I have a daughter from Guatemala and we are ready to start an Ethiopia adoption. I looked at your blog a few days ago and today I called your agency and spoke with Anita...She is GREAT!!! I would love any feedback you have about them.
We are sooo excited about Ethiopia and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us!
You just have an adorable family!
God Bless
Chantelle Becking

Shaun said...

i could scoop gabre up with some injera an eat her up! She is too cute for words. How is her name pronounced? Is it Gay"br" or gay"ber" or gah? It's beautiful too, just unsure how to pronounce it.

Amber said...

I love the new pictures and updates. Gabre is like a model! So beautiful!!

Lori said...

She is just gorgeous... and that wardrobe, Momma! Ok, where do you shop! I need some clothes like that!

Lisa & David said...

How gorgeous. Love seeing the updated pictures.

We passed court yesterday! We're hoping to have an embassy date July 30th or the first week of Aug.


Tania said...

So precious. How lucky you both are. She definitely is a cutie.


Amanda and John said...

I love reading your blog. Your daughter is so beautiful! We are waiting for a girl 18 months or under.

Thanks for posting the photos!

Holly Wilgers said...

Leah, your daughter is stunning! I'm just in love with Ethiopian children. I can't wait to post pics of my little Maritu everywhere... Stay active. There are lots of families that need good agencies, and it's hard to sift through the info...

Nancy said...

Gabre is adorable. My friends and I love to see her adventures...and her and Lidya together--what adorable DIVAs!!

Lidya's Grandma Nancy

Emy said...

She is just the most beautiful little thing! I loved the comment about using her outside voice inside, ha ha ha!! Ben almost skipped crawling too, but finally learned how to crawl just so he could get to whatever he needed to pull himself up to standing. I'm sure you guys are having a blast with her, especially since she's a great sleeper. :)

Andrea said...

Look at your big girl standing! That is great. I love that she loves shopping. :)